WGC2021 Call for Papers

May 31, 2020

WGC2021 Call for Papers 

Leading on from the success of the last World Gas Conference where we had over a 1,000 abstract submissions we are delighted to launch our Call for Papers for the 28th World Gas Conference this coming May.

We welcome industry experts from around the world to submit an abstract for the chance to be selected to speak at the largest global gas conference.

Call for Papers will be launching on 29 May 2020 and closing on 19 October 2020.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be given the opportunity to present at WGC 2021 at either an Industry Insight or Technology & Innovation Sessions.

Reasons to Submit an Abstract

  • A unique opportunity to present your commercial and technical knowledge to participants from around the globe
  • Raise your own profile and that of your company’s in front of an international audience
  • Inspire fellow attendees with learnings they can take back to their organisations across the world
  • Speak in front of a global audience of up to 3,500 industry experts
  • Use your speaking platform to network and make new business connections to further your goals
  • Be a voice in shaping the global energy agenda

You will find all key information about the submission process in the ‘How to Format an Abstract’ and ‘How to Submit an Abstract’ guidelines.

Key Dates to Remember

                                    29 May 2020

                                    19 October 2020

                                    8 February 2021

                                    30 April 2021

Call for Papers Launch

Call for Papers Closes

Author Notification

Final Presentation Due



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