The International Gas Union’s Council has rescheduled the 28th World Gas Conference in Daegu, Korea to 23–27 May 2022 from the originally scheduled June 2021. The event will be rebranded as WGC2022, with the next two conferences to be WGC2025 and WGC2028 accordingly.

IGU President Joe M. Kang said rescheduling the conference created certainty for all conference participants.

“Our aim is to protect and enhance the role of WGC as the premier global event for natural gas. Particularly, WGC2022 will be the first world-scale energy conference and exhibition in 2022. Rescheduling until 2022 also facilitates pro-active planning and innovation opportunities with a goal to present an event that reflects the evolving needs of participants and the industry,” Professor Kang said.

The rescheduling of WGC means the term of the current IGU Presidency, held by Korea, will be extended until May 2022.

That in turn means the next Presidency term, to be led by the People’s Republic of China, will be moved to 2022-2025, with the 29th WGC to be held in Beijing in 2025, and the 30th WGC to be held in Milan in 2028 under the Presidency of Italy.

For further information, please contact:

Matthew Doman, Interim Director, Public Affairs

+61 421 888 858 /

About the International Gas Union (IGU)

The International Gas Union, founded in 1931, is a global organisation aimed at promoting the political, technical and economic progress of the gas industry. The Union has more than 150 members worldwide on all continents, representing approximately 95% of the world gas market.

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