IGU Diplomatic Gas Forum, Oslo, Norway

December 5, 2017

Another edition of the IGU Diplomatic Gas Forum was held in Oslo, Norway on 5 December 2017. This 6th forum was organized at the headquarters of DNV GL. Co-organisers of the event where IGU, DNV GL and Norwegian Oil and Gas.

The title of the event was “Energy to transform? The role of natural gas” with the focus being on the trends and perspectives of the gas industry on the role of natural gas in the long-term sustainable solution. The programme featured speakers from the DNV GL and Norwegian Oil and Gas in addition to IEA and Norwegian transmission company Gassco.

See full programme here.

IEA World Energy Outlook 2017 – with a focus on gas resources
Johannes Trueby, WEO Senior Gas Analyst - International Energy Agency (IEA)

DNV GL Energy Transition Outlook: Role of gas in a 2050 perspective and key emerging technologies
Liv Hovem, CEO - DNV GL - Oil & Gas

Natural Gas from Norway - Current Status and Future Development
Frode Leversund, CEO - Gassco AS

The Role of Norwegian Gas in the European Energy Mix
Karl Eirik Schjoett-Pedersen, Director General - Norwegian Oil and Gas Association

Hydrogen - a Role in the Future?
Frode Boerre Pedersen, Programme Director - DNV GL



A memorable event and now we plan for a great WGC2021 in Daegu, Korean https://t.co/awTt0V2U90


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A constructive LNG Supplier/Buyer discussion at Natural Gas Day 2019, Tokyo. Transparency, liquidity and flexibility key elements of a growing LNG global market. @GECF_News @IEA @NatGasWorld https://t.co/GVxxnNtptP