In relation to the IGU Council, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 18-21 October, the Royal Dutch Gas Association and IGU had invited mainly European embassies accredited to The Netherlands for an IGU Diplomatic Gas Forum. The theme of the workshop was: “Energy Transition in the EU: the role of natural gas in the energy future”.

The forum was an opportunity for the industry and the diplomats to engage and discuss the role of gas today and how the improvements and contributions of the gas sector can bring about solutions to the EU’s and world’s energy and environmental challenges.

The panel featured several speakers, some of which we had also met earlier during the day. See the presentations made by some of the speakers by clicking on their names:


The discussions elaborated on the role of gas in the future energy mix, especially with a focus on the European situation. Some things are applicable to energy globally: Climate change and polluted urban air are two very urgent and significant challenges, particularly in view that the world’s population. Energy use will continue to increase. Energy use is vital to the continued economic and social development, but also a key source of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. Gas can play a significant role in addressing these challenges, serving as a partner to renewables and replacing more carbon intensive fuels. At the same time, gas can provide energy security and support sustainable economic growth.

Eighteen embassies attended with 21 delegates, which of seven were ambassadors.


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