Powerful start to IGRC2024!

  • Following a blessing from Chief Darcy Dixon, of the Bearspaw First Nation, and Elder Jackson Wesley, of the Stoney Nakoda Nations, Tim Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association, and International Gas Union President, Li Yalan, opened the conference.  They emphasized the essential role of hashtagNaturalGas and hashtaggaseousEnergy play globally, and appreciated how IGRC has turned into a global platform where industry and partners can connect, collaborate and innovate. “Around the world gas is an hashtagaffordable and hashtagreliable source of energy that permits hundreds of millions of people to live their lives with hashtagdignity” – Timothy Egan
  • The first session “Leadership Dialogue – Building an Innovative Culture”, Magette Wade took the stage, delivering a powerful message highlighting that access to reliable, affordable energy is the foundation for prosperity. She encouraged the gas industry to continue to innovate and deliver this essential fuel to grow prosperity around the world.  “For the world to fix its poverty problem, it requires hashtagentrepreneurship with hashtageconomicFreedom and hashtaggas, because we need access to reliable, affordable and abundant hashtagenergy sources.” – Magette Wade.
  • The first Global Spotlight Session of the conference was focused on hashtaginnovation & hashtagsecurity, moderated by Chris Wright, CEO, Liberty Energy. He noted that over the past 12 years, gas has emerged as the fastest-growing hashtagenergySource in absolute terms. Panelist Emeka Ene explained why the world should work hashtaginterconnectedly, using an example from his native Africa: “80% of the copper, magnesium and chromium is found in Africa and it is these materials that are driving the hashtagrenewable and hashtagtech industries, so it makes sense to invest in Africa”. Brenda Shaffer highlighted hashtagsecurity will remain a primary concern around the world, we must look internally, while the large hashtagpowerGrids are costly, micro grids with access to local gas are key to increasing hashtagaccess to energy and security.
  • One of the highlights of the day was the powerful keynote address, delivered by Dr. Bjorn Lomborg! The audience had a chance to engage with him through an insightful Q&A.
  • After lunch, delegates had the opportunity to join 8 enlightening technical sessions, on the following topics: Natural Gas, Methane, Bio Methane, Data Analytics, Pipeline Safety, LNG, H2 Systems Analysis, H2 production.
  • We closed the day with a beautiful cultural presentation, from indigenous peoples and a speech from Jason Sharpe, President of ATCO Gas and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Gas Association.


Learn more about the conference at https://igrc2024.org/Fo

Follow the sessions updates here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/igrc2024/

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