IGRC 2024 has come to a close after an exciting week of discussion and debate.

  • The first session of the day ‘Innovation and the Environment’, focused on the critical goal of balancing reliability and affordability within the gas industry. The panel discussed what innovation means to them and to their country, whether this be social, technological or policy innovation.
  • The panel highlighted the importance of the energy trilemma and that we must continue to focus on all three aspects, sustainability, security and affordability.
  • We want to thank our speakers Amir Foster, László Fritsch, Prof. Liu He and our moderator Michele Harradence for providing a brilliant discussion!


  • The final session of the conference was titled ‘What Next – Energy innovation and the Citizen of Tomorrow. The session was a highlight of the IGRC2024 conference, as leaders discussed, the most important topics for our industry going forward.
  • These included affordability; ensuring that everyone can access and can afford to heat their homes, to continue to converse about the benefits of gas, that gas improves the lives of people globally and that the gas industry as always been innovative and it must continue to be so going forwards. However, the industry needs improved policy and regulation to enable it to achieve this.
  • A huge thank you to the panel for this incredibly interesting and insightful session Andrea Stegher, Andrew Garnett, Carlos Cortes Simon, Will Jordan and our amazing moderator Heather Exner-Pirot.


  • The closing ceremony highlighted the amazing progress made over the course of the week and again highlighted the importance to ensure that we carry this momentum through to IGRC2027 in Budapest. Bringing to an end a thrilling week at IGRC2024.


Please learn more about the conference at https://igrc2024.org/

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