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Canada to host the 17th IGU Research Conference in 2024


The Executive Committee of the International Gas Union (IGU) has selected IGU Charter Member, Canadian Gas Association (CGA), to host the 17th IGU Research Conference. CGA has nominated Banff, Alberta as the venue for IGRC2024 in the week of 12th May 2024.

“In the ongoing developing of IGU’s event portfolio, we have placed greater emphasis on innovations and enhancements”, said IGU President Professor Joe M. Kang, “In selecting Canada, IGU has an IGRC2024 host who has presented proposals for enhancing the event, improving IGU member engagement and broadening industry innovations.”

“Importantly, in these challenging times, finalising the selection process for IGRC2024 continues the IGU’s objective of providing our members, the industry and our host with certainty. I congratulate the CGA and its President and CEO Tim Egan on their efforts to host the 17th IGU Research Conference, IGRC2024, and build on the long-standing tradition of the event”, Professor Kang said.

“Hosting IGRC2024 comes at an exciting and critical time as we work collectively to build an even better gas industry to serve millions around the world with affordable, reliable, environmentally valuable gaseous energy,” said CGA’s Timothy M. Egan.

“The value proposition of gas is a global one, and that means calling on the energies of the global industry, including our fellow IGU members and the many technology companies worldwide that promise improvements for our industry, to join us at IGRC2024.

“As an example of our innovation, CGA is leading the way through our Natural Gas Innovation Funds (NGIF) – grant and investment equity vehicles focused on gas industry cleantech. When the world joins us in 2024, we expect to be able to showcase over 100 innovative companies in which we are investing – companies delivering significant environmental and economic benefits along the value chain. CGA is proud to be selected as the host of IGRC2024 and excited by the prospect of welcoming colleagues from around the globe to beautiful Banff.”

First held in Chicago in 1980 the International Gas Union Research Conference (IGRC) is one of the IGU’s three major events which also includes the World Gas Conference (WGC2022, South Korea) and the International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG2023, Russia). Recent IGRC hosts include Oman in 2020 and Brazil in 2017. The 17th IGU Research Conference, IGRC2024, will be held in Banff, Canada in May 2024.

About the International Gas Union (IGU) 

The International Gas Union (IGU) was founded in 1931 and is a global non-profit organisation aimed at promoting the political, technical and economic progress of the gas industry. The Union has more than 150 members worldwide on all continents, representing approximately 95% of the world gas market. www.igu.org

For further information, please contact:
Matthew Doman, Interim Public Affairs Director, +61 421 888 858 / mdoman@igu.org 

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