Press Releases

June 3, 2015
A new IGU LNG report was issued in relation to the IGU's World Gas Conference held in Paris 1-5 June 2015. This third LNG Report of the IGU 2012-2015 Triennium includes special features on the work performed by the four Study groups in the LNG section during this Triennium: “Small Scale...
March 25, 2014
A press release was issued by the Secretariat of the International Gas Union (IGU),Oslo, Norway on 25 March 2014 entitled LNG is driving gas globalisation
Press release issued by the Secretariat of the International Gas Union (IGU)[Click here to download the official press release.] Natural Gas Increases Energy Market Stability, Reduces CO2 Emissions and Improves Quality of Life Oslo, 12 November 2014 - The World Energy Outlook (WEO-2014)...

Message from the IGU President on the COV-19 Pandemic. @GECF_News @AGN_Chile @aga_naturalgas @cga_acg @GasNaturally @WGC2021 @MGA_Official1 @Eurogas_Eu @GIEBrussels


📍 Riyadh 🇸🇦 #G20 Energy and Sustainability Working Group’s meetings have adjourned. •Reduce •Reuse •Recycle •Remove. the 4 R’s of the exciting new Circular Carbon Economy framework for meeting global #energy and #sustainability goals. Leaving inspired to contribute!


This year’s #G20 Energy Sustainability Working Group - under leadership of #G20SaudiArabia - kicking off its work toward an ambitious & climate positive goal of a Circular Carbon Economy 🌍♻️🌱 | Honoured to spend the weekend at this key global #energy discussion. #naturalgas