Bugs Used to "Collar" Methane Leaks from Underground Storage Facilities

Valeriy Snakin, Inna Vlasova & Irina Chudovskaya, Energodiagnostika

November 8, 2016

A leading technical diagnostic firm has come up with an interesting approach to the challenge of methane leakage: using natural microorganisms that feed on methane to “collar” those leaks. Moscow-based Energodiagnostika LLC recently applied for a patent to build soil collars around critical areas in underground storage facilities. The collars would be filled with methanotrophic bacteria suspended in a saltwater solution. Because methane is the bacteria’s sole energy source, the collars would reduce the amount of one of the most hazardous greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. The firm is proposing to install the technology at Gazprom facilities as well as the facilities of other natural gas companies.

Read the article prepared by the R&D and Innovations Committee


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