Global Gas Report 2019

October 16, 2019

San Donato Milanese (Milan, Italy), 16 October 2019 – Snam, International Gas Union (IGU) e
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) present the Global Gas Report 2019, the new edition of
the annual report that examines key global gas market trends, looking at recent
developments and assessing progress towards the leading role that gas is expected to play in
the energy transition. This year’s report special feature is a section on the Future of Gas in
Europe, co-produced with key European gas infrastructure operators: DESFA, Interconnector
UK, Teréga and TAG.
The demand has responded strongly to ample supply and liquidity. With LNG trade
expanding, prices at key regional natural gas hubs have reached multi-year lows and gas has
become affordable for more consumers, taking share from coal. That has driven a 5%
increase in global demand in 2018, with particularly strong growth in the US and China, and
a 4% increase in global gas trade.
Now in its third edition, the report reaffirms the positive scenario for natural gas. Over the
past five years, the market has grown on average by 2% per year and it is expected to
maintain a similar growth rate until 2040 to reach 25% of the global energy mix, mainly due
to its environmental benefits compared to other fossil fuels, growing supply and increasingly
competitive pricing.
This highlights the key role that cost competitiveness will play if gas is to deliver its full
potential – notwithstanding the diverse set of benefits that it offers to a world that is in the
process of an unprecedented energy transition. It is a unique and abundant fuel that can
reliably supply the world’s rapidly changing energy systems with more energy and support
economic growth while helping to immediately cut emissions and improve air quality.