2018-2021 Triennium Work Program

July 31, 2018


Introduction to the Triennial Work Program 2018-2021 

The Triennial Work Program (TWP) is the core document that defines the work and activities that IGU Committees and Task Forces will carry out during the next three years. Its objective is to support the Mission of IGU, in its efforts to aspire to the Vision “As the global voice of gas, IGU seeks to improve the quality of life by advancing gas as a key contributor to a sustainable energy future”. 

The 2018-2021 TWP strives to advance the role of gas in a sustainable energy future through the development and exchange of knowledge and information. The strategic guidelines for 2018-2021, which is the basis of TWP, are explained further on the next page. These Strategic Guidelines were presented to the IGU Council in Tokyo, Japan in October 2017 and endorsed by the IGU Executive Committee in Cairo, Egypt in April 2018. 

The IGU Committees and Task Forces will implement this work program through a global network of knowledgeable professionals representing the members of IGU and according to the descriptions and scope outlined later in this document. Their work will cover the entire gas chain, as well as address all the major issues affecting the gas industry worldwide. The members of the committees will work in study groups to identify and collect the relevant information in their field of expertise for analysis and preparation of the deliverables in relation to the topics chosen for the triennium. They will participate in various meetings, forums, discussions and interactions with external organizations linked to IGU through conferences and constructive sharing of information. 

The IGU Presidency and Secretariat warmly invite all Charter and Associate members to nominate individuals from their ranks to join and support the work of the committees. Each committee member chooses the committee study groups in which he/she would like to participate. It is preferred that the nominee is an active representative (and deputy) who will be able to attend at least one full committee meeting and one study group meeting every year. We have observed that the personal contact, group interaction and cultural/social experiences through active participation in IGU working meetings add significant value for the participating individuals, companies and organizations. Not only does this IGU experience expose participants to different international outlooks and perspectives, but the increased knowledge and insight acquired by sharing information with technical and commercial peers from other countries provides a unique opportunity for improving future decision making, enhancing business relationships, and gaining operational excellence.