IGU COP21 Newsletter Edition - December 2015

December 3, 2015

On the sidelines of the COP21 negotiations in Paris the International Gas Union (IGU) has just released a major study that emphasizes the immediate importance of air quality, even beyond the debate around 2 degrees and carbon reduction. As air quality problems in cities from Beijing to New Delhi become increasingly severe, the link between action to address climate change and to curb local air pollution has been attracting increased attention as a means to mobilize political support. The December issue of the IGU newsletter presents the new IGU report. Please follow this link for a pdf version of the newsletter issue. 

The IGU newsletter is sent to members and others that are interested in IGU and its activities. Earlier newsletters can be found here. If you wish to recieve the monthly newsletters, please send an e-mail to Anette Nordal, Information Consultant



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