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Natural Gas Is Reliable

Natural gas has the most reliable, accessible and resilient supply network, around the clock and across the globe. Natural gas is available when and where other sources of energy are not.

The global infrastructure for natural gas provides diverse, reliable supply options. Today’s natural gas industry infrastructure allows suppliers to deliver gas to their customers when they need it, where they need it and in the quantities they need it. Gas providers supply gas to their customers through pipelines , by ship as liquefied natural gas - LNG or by other means, with none of the intermittent concerns about renewables such as wind and solar.

Due to the technology limitations of the majority of renewable energy production, storage and transmission systems, natural gas is often needed as an insurance policy and back-up. 


“The bottom line is that - in those instances where renewables are not a possible option yet - when we switch from polluting fuels to #naturalgas, we immediately get clean air by eliminating #pollution at the source” - IGU Secretary General, Luis Bertran #COP25 #TiempoDeActuar https://t.co/ITaRCJy7B8


#COP25: concluded an important panel discussion on the urgent need for #CleanAir & #ClimateAction now. -> Natural gas can help achieve both! Newest Urban Air Quality case studies now available at https://t.co/Wne7lHzfgR. Muchas Gracias to our host @COP25CL and panelists! https://t.co/curyA5xZ9d


“Improving air quality is a challenge for all of society. Our health and our quality of life are at stake.” 👋🏻 Hello from #COP25. https://t.co/4ZrzdG65Qi