Natural Gas Is Efficient

Natural gas is the most efficient fossil fuel in a variety of applications, but especially in power generation.

Combined heat and power (CHP) installations enable the utilization of more than 80% of the energy content in natural gas. According to Black & Veatch, the average combined cycle natural gas plant is approximately 39 percent more efficient than the oldest 50 percent of existing coal generation capacity - and 58 percent more efficient than the oldest 10 percent of coal-fired plants. For the oldest power-generating facilities 60% more coal needs to be burned to generate the equivalent power of a natural gas power generation plant.

Conversion of energy can exceed 90% efficiency, far greater than any other energy source.

Natural gas is the efficient and effective fuel into a low-carbon energy future. While the efficiency of renewable technology is constantly improving, it has yet to match the efficiency of natural gas in power generation. Natural gas enables renewables as it can be added to power generation facility at the right time and in the appropriate volumes needed.


“The bottom line is that - in those instances where renewables are not a possible option yet - when we switch from polluting fuels to #naturalgas, we immediately get clean air by eliminating #pollution at the source” - IGU Secretary General, Luis Bertran #COP25 #TiempoDeActuar


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